Lizard People

by rock cut state park

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Lizard People is a 6 song tape made in april 2016 by patrick p. baranovskis and emma b. rosengarten in evanston, illinois. recorded in a bathroom, hallway, and the batcave from tuesday 12 april, to wednesday 13 april, 2016. mutual lyric-writing and tune-developing by the band, who spend their time perfecting their homemade tostada recipes and graphing mad nov.

"high in the bright blue sky the moon showed like a fading fingerprint."


released April 13, 2016

thanks to seth bearman, dave allen, and john darnielle for their help and patience with the album!

thank you for listening <3



all rights reserved


rock cut state park Evanston, Illinois

a band of patrick baranovskis and emma rosengarten, two 18 year olds with a guitar and harmonica, respectively.

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Track Name: egg bagel
the edge of the driveway connects to the stars
galaxy riding i roll out to mars
wheels wiggling in circles a scar on my chin
swear i'm mature it's just the state that i'm in
consider greeting the mailman, offer a coke
the boys 'cross the street hug with freedom from looks
repetitions of stripes overlap on thin arms
they twist in the grass, all same sex, no harm
and on sundays i still see the blue minivan
back into the driveway just as soon as i am
sliding in silver, singing Steve Malkmus tunes
stickers all in my pockets i'm still older than you
inside of the house they're still wearing pajamas
toast an egg bagel and talk to my mama
season for sandals walk to the preserve
trees grow thirty feet high, quickly loosen my nerves
the speed bumps on colfax all obstruct my rolls
potholes to the city like a linguist to words
forty minutes to train i pass three friendly homes
three eyes to the sidewalk always feeling alone
over left is the golf course where winter trees moved
in popsicle blue, they shrank and they grew
to the north's the Baha'i where we pray to the night
palms pressed up together, this is evanston life
to the south see more interest, more lake, and more love
take the L over eye it all from above
introspective awareness, an honest remark
all's seen as simple after taking a walk
be nice to your friend's mom, their offspring is cool
thank the universe each day you met them at school
Track Name: rooster shoes
wednesdays are days full of wet towels
if you can't find love in your heart, then find it in your bowels
deception is a truly ugly thing but when you find it lurking
in the shadow of a rainbow, you'll sing you'll sing you'll sing
asking stupid questions can get you somewhere sometime
but to be blind to your motives means your wasting your mind
naps can bring you out into a world that didn't need you
and break through, into some breakthroughs
i seem to not consider how one day we won't be together
flippant behavior for a deceptive tether
i think i'll turn into a swan at any moment
forced by an omen out of a world that seems broken
there's a burning in my throat from all those notes i wrote
hold me hold me everybody, if i choke
see i'm a narcissistic fuck who doesn't sleep enough
let's play, let's have fun, let's run
before we're eaten by the sun
Track Name: ju-v-jam
the kid who's a legend liberally lit locker up last monday
we saw him pulled outta Beardsley
the dean and the cops and the teachers, the sea of the schoolers
all layered along bleachers and practiced the wave
algebra two teacher thought i'd never see you again
with enlarged eyes he questions me why
the p.e. teachers are always placed in a position of utmost responsibility.
you told me to write about this
you told me that afternoon was quite a scene
of course i believed you cuz i laid on my back there
in thick grass all green
we hear he's in juvee, hear it's a felony
all i know's last semester watched a few dvds about
jail cells and prison we see tears landing on palms, elbows on knees
to you taped to juvee we're all on your side
one notebook on fire smoke escaping a locker
science kids spread knowledge of combustion
dean of the senior class probably cries in the lunchroom
saying goodbye to stairwells
dreamily closing last lockers
light candles in waxing remembrance
white sneakers on asphalt and a seeing eye dog the day
flames touched a locker instead of the logs.
Track Name: hot single moms in your area
sleeping dog breathes heavy, slowly
two times today spoke of
manipulative toupeed demon
got out early
rode gravelly, rolling
botanic reading car parked closely sitting reading waiting writing
tuesday wednesday thursday friday
didn't have in mind an exchange, reason for speaking other than
silent shame
but a wind back far near the
stationary bike told me
and so we small talked on the treadmills
spoke of weekdays and of chemtrails
if only
wafers would let us move slowly
thai coffee on my birthday
mom complained, well, what do you say?
politicians are unfriendly
in the end it's us them and me
sitting reading waiting writing tuesday wednesday thursday friday